Nov 19

Accident Medical Insurance Company – Are Claims Being Paid?

Accident insurance is quite popular because nobody really knows what exactly will come about… at work, home or pleasure.

It is wise to take appropriate steps and guard one’s own health against possible risks of accidents. Life is full of surprises but not all of them are pleasant. Some of them can seriously hurt and take lots of money for somebody to get back on the feet. A good accident insurance company would compensate the necessary treatment and rehabilitation if something occurs.

An accident health plan is a traditional way of one’s personal insurance and it covers any type of loss by accidental bodily injury and the medical coverage is provided when accidents take place. An accident is considered as an unpleasant event that happens unexpectedly and results in injury such as car accidents, assaults, burns, etc.

However, there are some reservations stating that there is no eligibility for insurance benefits if the insured is involved in activities that contradict the concept of accidental injuries of unintentional nature, say, if the holder of the insurance policy decides to commit suicide or test a car on a speedway or drink too much alcohol at a party, the person will not be eligible for this type of benefits when there is a need to handle the emergency.

Such exclusions are always stipulated in the terms of health plan policies and one should properly read them before applying. It is important to take time and research.

Nowadays health is given lots of attention by employers and a great deal of them include the insurance as part of their employees’ benefit packages.

Although every person has a different story, it seems prudent to have one or another kind of confidence in the future and accident insurance is one of the ways especially when the insurance market makes it widely available.

You can choose the type of insurance, the list of risks under the policy that you choose, the period of validity of your contract, the amount of compensation, etc. but usually it happens as follows:

In case of an injury that falls under the terms of a particular insurance company, the policyholder visits the appropriate health care provider (doctor) who bills that insurance company with medical claims (official forms). Then the claims get paid and the doctor gets the money for providing the services to the patient.

There is a lot of debate going on about insurance industry and the companies that do not pay, delay claims and so forth… since that is how they do business and make money. It is not improbable that they try to avoid paying but payments will definitely be issued if medical billing specialists know and do their jobs. As a matter of fact endless amounts of money are being paid just because every single claim is followed up until it gets paid.

Billed claims cannot remain unpaid unless nobody takes care of them with why and what is needed to process them and release the checks.

Does it help to get insured? – They say: “Hope for the better but be ready for the worst” but, of course, it is a matter of the choice.

Nov 12

What Leads Cord Blood Registry To Become A Major Phenomenon In The Medical Community?

Undoubtedly, we have come to a stage where cord blood donation in a cord blood registry has taken up a key role in treating various ailments. Cord blood stem cells from your baby’s umbilical cord are considered the building blocks by the medical community. These cells are under the constant scrutiny of medical communities for more latent possibilities of treatments. Researches have brought low cost and effective treatments for diseases like diabetes, blindness, cardiac diseases, spinal cord diseases, Parkinson’s diseases, diseases of neurons, cognitive disorders, Alzheimer’s disease etc., with stem cell transplants.

Umbilical Cord Blood Cells Registry – An Insurance For Life

Uses of umbilical stem cells have been proved highly effective in curing blood disorders of child or other members of the family, which earlier required bone marrow transplants. Blood cells in umbilical cords of the newborn can match genetic cells of the siblings and parents up to 25%. Hence, cord blood registry and its uses in treating those who match such cells bring extremely positive outcomes. Moreover, cord blood cells transplants reduce the worst drawbacks of organ transplant treatments, that is, graft versus host reaction, which may even lead patients to succumb to death. Hence, cord blood collection is regarded as a way of insuring your entire family’s lives to combat major ailments.

According to an estimate, around 72,000 babies are born in India daily. Therefore, 72,000 umbilical blood cords if not banked are going to the trash bin despite their phenomenal healing potential. So, expectant couples are advised to consider cord blood banking to safeguard their future.

The Cord Blood Collection Procedure

The process of cord blood collection begins with clamping and cutting of umbilical cords during pre or post delivery. Cord blood collection, whether pre or post delivery, entails no pains and risk for both mother and child. The procedures advances through following steps -

  • The first step in cord blood registry is that the parents, especially the mother has to sign a consent form.
  • She then has to undergo a general health check up and a blood test to ensure that she is eligible for the donation.
  • The cord blood is collected after the delivery of the baby.
  • A specialized bag is prepared and bar coded to collect the cells.
  • After clamping the umbilical cord, a needle is injected to the umbilical vein.
  • The bag is kept at a lower level to enable blood to be drained in the bag. The entire process should not take more than 10 minutes. The blood unit needs to be transferred to the cord blood banks within 48 hours.
  • The ideal amount for successful transplants is around three to five ounces. If the amount is less, the collected cord blood is used for scientific researches.
  • The next step will be to harvest stem cells from the blood drained in the bag and preserve them.
  • Prior to preservation, the blood units are tested for various diseases like malaria and AIDS.
  • These stored cells are taken for molecular tests to determine their HLA [Human Leukocyte Antigens, a genetic tissue marker] typing.
  • Blood cells are stored in cryo-vials at a temperature of -196 degree Celsius in liquid nitrogen solution.
  • The identity of the mother and the baby will be kept confidential. The mother will be informed about the status of the blood unit and the test results so that she is aware of any infection or disease that might affect her baby.

    Because umbilical cord cells do not have HLA antigens on the surface, these cells alleviate risk of showing graft versus host disease [GVHD]. This is why, HLA type detecting is considered a critical step in cord blood registry.

    Following the FDA’s and other authorities’ approval in transfusing cord blood cells in the late 1980s, thousands of umbilical cord blood cell transplants have taken place in the US and have cured many children and adults suffering from various blood related and genetic diseases.

    Plan for cord blood registry to safeguard yours and your baby’s future.

  • Nov 05

    Medical Assistant Training – Expect Only The Best

    With the economy being in the crisis, people are finding a job that is expected to open or the jobs which have a lot of positions currently. Medical assistant is one of the jobs that fit to your research. The reason for it is that in spite of the recession, people still feel sick and there are a lot of health problems that are arising in the society, so in order to cope up with it, medical treatment is required which leads to opening of several medical clinics and hence the requirement of medical assistant increases.

    But, to get a worthy job for a medical assistant training is something which is highly required. There are a lot of training schools being opened to train you for being a medical assistant. Before choosing a school one should check thoroughly about the reputation and the ranking that particular school carries, as no one wants to waste a time span of two to four years in a sub standard school. Besides this, make sure that the school and the training program is accredited by Commission of Allied Health. Currently there are 568 programs which are accredited.

    There are also certain programs of online training which are easily available on the internet.

    These training programs usually last from one month to one year, which entirely depends on the training program that you choose. However, one thing that you should keep in mind is that more experience and training you will have in the field, more will be your demand and your success factor is likely to increase more. You will have a better foundation of the carrier and hence more job opportunities. So it is recommended to take longer programs for training.

    The requirements for the training program are simple. The foremost requirement is that you should at least have a high school degree, other wise you are not eligible for the medical assistant training program. Some programs also require an experience with a professional person, clinic, or a hospital.

    Its better to choose a program which serves on the job training as well, the more you will have a practical experience, the more strong understanding you will develop of the job and hence more job opportunities and hence a bright future. After the training, it is advisable to get a certificate by The American Association of Medical Assistants, which will provide an ease for you to get jobs.

    Make sure your school is accredited either by commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs or Accrediting bureau of Health Education Schools.

    Medical Assistant training includes the understanding of the following:

    • Basic clinical and diagnosis procedures
    • Providing First Aid
    • Anatomy
    • Computer handling
    • Communication skills
    • Lab techniques
    • Billing and Medical Insurance
    • Laws and rules of medical
    • Medical ethics
    • Terminologies regarding medical
    • Office practices
    • Maintaining healthy relations with patients
    • Pharmacy
    • Physiology and a little bit of psychology
    • Keeping and recording the accounts
    • Patience and Tolerance

    Oct 27

    Understanding the Family and Medical Leave Act As Applicable to Employees

    There are certain rights and privileges that an employee may exercise. However, this is only possible if you are aware of the rights and the way to utilize those. One such is the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). This act covers approximately 65% of all employed Americans.

    The chief tenet of the FMLA is that an employee is eligible for a maximum 12 weeks of leave (unpaid) for reasons concerning family or medical problems. There is no risk of losing job, as per this law.

    A proficient employment attorney would be able to help you understand the intricacies of this right. Who is eligible for this leave? Well, you need to fulfill certain criteria to become eligible for leave under this act. Here is a quick checklist.

    - You must be an employee of the local, state or federal government
    – Alternatively, you must work for an organization with staff strength of 50 or more

    Another condition that you need to fulfill is that you have worked for your employer for a minimum of 1 year. Any other specifications may be there; talk to a good employment lawyer to know more details.

    There are certain grounds on which you may take leave from work. These are as follows:

    • To take care of a child (newborn/adopted/foster)
    • To take care of a parent/spouse/child suffering from a serious physical or mental ailment
    • To take care of yourself if you have a serious medical condition

    The US Department of Labor offers a definition of ‘serious health condition’ as one that requires inpatient care or continuous medical treatment. This definition is, however, not very well defined. The usual cases accepted are terminal diseases like cancer and temporary issues like pregnancy or surgery.

    When you face a situation where you need to take leave and know that you are eligible for it under FMLA, be sure to follow certain steps. This would help you get the leave, and in no way hinder your career.

    An employment lawyer experienced in the laws would let you know what to do. If you know that you want a leave at a particular time, notify your employer about it 30 days earlier. However, in an emergency you can also take the leave immediately.

    Gather medical proofs to support your demand for leave. Providing a doctor’s certificate will not do, you need to submit all relevant medical records. Your employer may conduct checks on you about your health condition. Do not get worried, it is just a check. You also need to decide whether you want to use your paid leave as part of the medical leave.

    In case your employer fires you from the job even when you have fulfilled all the conditions, you need to take legal action. Contact a Miami employment attorney and discuss the details of the matter with him/her. If you can prove that, you were eligible for the leave and fulfilled all conditions the court would order your employer to give you your job back.

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