May 24

Medical Insurance Or Health — How To Enjoy Cheaper Rates

Are you thinking of how to reduce your medical insurance or health rates? If you’re shopping for lower rates for superior coverage then you should be aware of some simple things that could save you much. Here are some…

1. A group health expense sharing plan is an alternative way to lower your rate. A group expense sharing plan is a plan where a group of individuals come together to give themselves health insurance coverage.
Large churches and other large organizations are places where you can easily find these groups.

Each normally fashions its own policy terms and determine the type and level of coverage members are given. Try to locate groups like this and find out if any of them will meet your individual health care needs. You will pay far less if you locate one that you can join.

2. There are state plans for kids that will spend if you use them for your kids. However, not everyone is eligible to use such state plans. These plans are usually either free or cost very little. These plans can reduce your expenses by a huge margin if your kid has a special illness that will make you spend much if you insure them with private insurance companies.

3. No-appointment ambulatory care centers or emergi-centers will as well help you reduce your rates. This is especially so if you’re generally healthy and find it a little difficult to pay for traditional health insurance. Check to see if your community has a center like this.

4. If you need the very best in health insurance then you’d have to do thorough shopping. And the easiest way to start is to ask trusted acquaintances what their experiences with their insurers are.

It’s also a good way of getting the best value as you would be basing your choice on user experience and not any form of sales copy. An acquaintance is very likely to tell you if they had a rough experience with a company.

The probability that you will buy from the wrong carrier reduces if you get personal experiences from people you can trust.

May 15

Learn Electronic Medical Billing

Medical billing is the process of submitting the claims to insurance companies in order to receive money for the service rendered by a healthcare professional. Before treating and billing a patient, healthcare providers check the eligibility of the intended service with the insurance company electronically. The insurance company has medical directors, who review the claim to check the validity of the payment based on the credentials of the care provider and the necessity of the treatment. A response to the eligibility request is returned by the insurance company through electronic means or more commonly from their website. Proved claims are reimbursed up to certain percentage of the billed amount. Failed claims will be rejected and the healthcare provider will be notified.

Since 1997, all practices which involve patient interaction should pass HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Under HIPAA, most of the billing claims for the service are required to file via electronic means. HIPAA was enforced in order to prevent fraud and abuse in healthcare delivery and health insurance. While manual filing is time consuming, electronic billing is fast and accurate. With the usage of electronic billing, the rejection and denial has reduced drastically and the percentage of reimbursement has improved.

Electronic medical billing is nothing but the combination of IT and health care sector. Medical practices have been using software to manage their finances for several years. However, the present electronic medical billing programs are well known as medical management practice software. Electronic medical billing software covers a wide range of functions including tracking patient demographics, scheduling appointment, tracking billing information and insurance payments, patient’s visits, diagnosis and generating records.

Electronic billing is easy to use, thus helps the staff to improve their productivity. They have also made entire billing much faster .With the electronic billing, any error in the claims are notified to the billing center in minutes, so corrections can be made immediately. Healthcare providers are also satisfied with this system, because electronic billing makes the reimbursement very quick. This software is very friendly to the patients and customers as they give flexibility in scheduling appointment and easy access to the personal information. The cost of electronic claiming is less when compared to the claim submitted on paper. So, insurance carriers encourage electronic medical billing. Electronic billing also helps to eliminate the hassle of posting, printing and sorting the mail.

So, in total, electronic medical billing was a result of combined effort of software companies and healthcare departments to invent a new technology to simplify the process of medical billing.

May 07

Medical Insurance Claims and You

Okay in this article I will provide you with tips on making claims and completing the paperwork that is involved. The process begins when you first apply so let’s begin there.

Depending on your age, health condition and whether or not you are employed, you have several options to choose, all of which my come into play for any medical insurance claims and how they are processed and paid. Due to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, “Obamacare” many dynamics have changed in respect this. For instance:

1. Insurance companies are no longer able deny claims from people with preexisting medical conditions. How this relates to you is that if you have a preexisting condition and are enrolled in a health insurance plan, the insurance cannot deny you any medical insurance claims. Now please note, that this Act that was signed in March 2010 will not be fully enforceable for all Americans until 2014. Currently, only children under the age of 19 are protected.

I will address “Obamacare” in future articles, but now more specifics about general filing of medical insurance claims.

2. If you are employed, you are given the health insurance options your employers offers and then you choose from those options. Now specifically, as it relates to medical insurance claims, before one is filed you must meet the following criteria:

A. Eligible Employee: Depending on state law, you have to be an employee that is covered by the policy. In other words, if the state law says that you must be at least a part-time employee, of a company with 10-50 employees, who has met the minimum waiting period, then you are an eligible employee. You employers benefits coordinator will provide you with specifics concerning this.

B. Waiting Period: Depending on the policy and the state law the waiting period may be from 30-90 days.

C. Special Enrollment: Allows for special circumstances due to a change in an employee’s family situation; for example death of covered person, baby added to the family.

There are a few more points concerning employer medical insurance but those are the basics. Now for those who are covered by Medicare and Medicaid, as far medical insurance claims are concern this is dependent strictly upon the insurance company that you are being insured through under those programs.

Generally, your doctor will file the claim for you and if there are any disputes from your insurance company you can:

1. Have your doctor check to be sure all to information was submitted properly through their medical billing and coding system. This will address instances when your claim is denied do to filing error.

2. You have the option of appealing the insurance company’s decision with them.

3. Contact your state’s insurance board if you feel you were wrongly denied concerning any medical insurance claims and follow up with them.

So there, you have a short article on dealing with medical insurance claims. More articles to follow concerning all areas of insurance claims.

Apr 23

Small Loans without Credit Check – Loan Without Hassle

Small loans without credit check are loans, which are short, termed, involving small disbursing amount and which don’t require any credit check. These loans can be interpreted as something, which fills the gap between the urgent financial requirements and your next pay cheque. The majority of loan seekers belong to salaried class but it doesn’t stop you from availing these loans if you wish to procure it in secured format. The loan is typically designed in unsecured form. This is done because of the brief amount of time involved in the transaction ranging from the loan allocation to the retrieval.

Small Loans Without credit check: getting started

If you have decided to opt for the loan then you must be clear about the amount and your repaying capabilities .As the loan is usually in unsecured format and no credit check is done so lenders in order to feel safe require some documental proofs. Thus to fulfill the eligibility criteria:

o You must be above 18 years of age and a citizen of UK.This is required to overcome the legal procedures.

o You must furnish your recent pay slips as a proof of your consistent employment. This is a precautionary measure taken by the lenders.

o You must have a bank account for smooth transactions whether it may be the loan amount or the repayments.

o You are also required to furnish a post-dated cheque equivalent to the repayable amount.

This is another precautionary step taken by the lenders as the non-repayment can lead them to encash the cheque ensuring the retrieval of their amount.

Small Loans without Credit check: Amount and Interest rate

As the name signifies the amount involved is lesser, it is usually lesser than £5000.
The interest rate charged is quite large. This is because these are very short termed loans and is offered in unsecured form also they don’t require any credit check. So the interest rate is large to administer confidence in the minds of lenders about their investment. However the amount and interest rate varies from lender to lender .so in order to get what suits your necessities and capabilities you must give an exhaustive search.

Small Loans without Credit Check: uses and advantages

The loan can be use to meet emergency finance requirements. The amount can be employed in order to meet any medical bills or car repairing or any small problem that crops up immediately.

The loan has a number of advantages

o The loan is sanctioned in most of the cases within 24 hrs so you have cash at your disposal within no time.

o Not much pare work is required as no evaluation; neither credit check nor verifications are required. All you need to have is an employment/income proof.

o It can be borrowed both by the salaried persons or self-employed persons.

o You don’t have to tinker with your fixed bank deposits, shares or draw money from your other investments for some small sum as your urgencies are taken care of by Small loans without credit check

To sum up Small loans without credit check act as the saviors in financial crunch. However the loans should be obtained only if there is a genuine necessity because the amount has to be repaid also.