Dec 11

Life Insurance Cover Now Available With No Medical Exam

If you are thinking that buying no-medical life coverage is a distant dream, you are in for a surprise because there is a new completely hassle-free and customer-oriented plan available for life cover buyers today that offer cheaper life coverage without the requirement of a medical test. This is the hottest life insurance shopping trend these days!

Yes, this is a happy fact for many buyers who felt left out of the more stringent terms and conditions of good coverage life policies, typically requiring comprehensive health check ups and medical reports to qualify for adequate coverage in a life cover. But, thanks to amendments made by several top insurance companies today, there are simplified-issue of life cover plans available today that don’t demand policy buyers to undertake any medical tests as a pre-requisite for qualifying for a good policy. Thus, the new no medical kind of life policy only asks of the buyer to answer some health queries and is an easy method one can also follow on the Internet. You too can complete this short process in a few minutes and thereby save yourself extra effort and time usually taken up by having to follow these steps in-person at the company office.

If you take out a life insurance plan from online agency, remember you don’t need to go for a medical check-up as earlier required but this is only the privilege extended to those choosing short-term life insurance coverage. One advantage of this type of policy is that it’s easy, affordable and fast to buy. So, you can qualify for a plan that provides you much-needed funds of a lump sum amount up to five hundred thousand dollars on your own without any insurance broker’s intervention, only if you spend some time on doing adequate Internet research.

Moreover, you can print the plan after filling out required information about your health matters and after giving satisfactory answers of every related question asked through the insurance broker’s web-page. So you can buy the right life insurance plan easily on the web – just don’t forget that a no-medical life coverage policy is short term, so will grant less coverage compared with a whole life plan. But quick processing, hassle-free T & C and a large range of products usually makes up for that feature, feel many buyers.

Sure, you are still required to verify on internet when you are researching for the right life insurance broker whether their products that you are interested in are really available in your area or not, but ease of internet insurance shopping is that besides a brief health record, your age, lack of huge budget etc. does not limit your eligibility for purchasing good life cover.

So, for those not wanting the hassles of a medical check-up before buying life coverage plan, this short-term life cover option is best and the wide range of internet resources, e.g., financial website, free web tool’s array, forums and blogs giving updated info on every aspect of no-medical life coverage plans is a blessing.

Finally, for getting vital information regarding life coverage plan minus medical exam step, many providers have phone-in services that give advice about products and processes at no cost to buyer – the boon of toll-free calling – so consultations with authorized life insurance brokers in this manner grant you a telephonic or virtual walk through of a really necessary financial protection plan. Now, isn’t that cool?

Dec 04

When Can I Get Medicare?

Medicare is the program the government created to allow people to get affordable insurance coverage for medical expenses they have when they are older. The reason this is necessary is all insurance is priced based on risk of a claim. The older people get the more likely they are to file a claim for a medical issue. Older Americans were being priced out of the market by expensive monthly premiums the moment that they needed it the most. People close to Medicare are paying the most for their medical insurance than anyone at any time. It is a good idea to know when you are eligible for Medicare so that you can begin to establish your coverage and save money on monthly premiums as soon as possible.

Medicare is currently available to individuals who are 65 years old. They will get their Medicare cards a few months before they turn 65. Every American will qualify for Medicare benefits the first day of the month that they turn 65. So if anyone wants to cancel their current coverage, they will need to wait until that date. For example, if your birthday was the fifth of June, your insurance will begin on June 1.

You will automatically be enrolled in Part A and it does not cost anything extra. Part B is an additional cost for doctor benefits but it will be automatically deducted from your social security check if you choose not to get it. Part A by itself is great for any large medical expense from the hospital or surgery. You will only have to pay a small deductible for the first 60 days in the hospital. Often this benefit that costs nothing is much better than the benefit that they had before they were eligible.

Part B costs extra but it will pay 80% of any doctor bill that you might have after a deductible. There is no out of pocket maximum but an 80% discount is a pretty good deal even if you still have to pay the remaining 20% for the doctor to get you healthy. Many people get supplements to pay the extra 20% or they get a Medicare Advantage plan that helps them with doctor visits. Both part A and part B will begin the first day of the month that they turn 65.

The time leading up to eligibility for Medicare can be difficult for people to make ends meet. For this reason, many people look to basic coverage to bridge the gap in medical insurance coverage. These people will opt for a short term insurance plan to cover for major medical issues until their plan starts. Americans can save hundreds of dollars a month with these plans. You can get quotes and information on how to save money with these temporary insurance plans until your Medicare starts on many websites. It doesn’t take very long and you could save thousands of dollars over the 6 months you wait for Medicare to start.

Nov 27

Checking Your Patient’s Eligibility For Coverage May Save You Money!

I know how frustrating it is to be on the phone, being on hold with the insurance company just to verify patients benefits and eligibility. I had medical billers that I have worked with in the past that all she does in that practice is to verify patients eligibility.

But trust me, as long as you have a smooth system in your practice, it is not too bad — if not, it is very important that you have to check your patients eligibility for coverage.

Here are the simple tips I can share with you:

  1. Get all the patient’s information over the phone, set up an appointment for them. But remind them that you will verify their insurance coverage (it’s just an office protocol). Tell them, you will get back with them if there is a problem.
  2. Verify your patient’s eligibility the soonest you can.
  3. If you don’t have enough information (such as the insurance ID is not right), then try the social security. Usually, insurance companies would give you information if you have the social security number. The tricky part though, if the patient is not the policy holder— then the social security will not be of help. That’s why, it is also very important that you get the policy holder’s information (besides, the person really becomes the guarantor of your patient!).
  4. Patients coming from a primary care physician or other referrals can also be a source of insurance coverage information for the patient.

Now, with patients who are coming from a Workmans Compensation Case or an Auto Accident Case. You will need the following information to verify medical coverage:

  1. Patient’s Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Claim Number
  4. Policy Number
  5. Date of Accident
  6. Adjustor’s Name & Contact Information (Phone/Extension, Fax, and Email)
  7. Case Manager’s Contact Information (if there is an assigned Case Manager)

The Questions you will ask from the adjustor:

  1. Patients eligibility for Medical Coverage (being specific is very helpful too! — like ask if the patient has Pain Management Coverage , because it is possible the patient is also being seen by another pain management provider);
  2. Ask if services, procedures, diagnostic & radiology testing requires prior-authorization
  3. Any deductible that the patient has not met
  4. TIP: Initial Evaluation/First Visit usually do not require prior authorization. Obviously, how can you come up with a treatment plan without the initial evaluation.

Check your patients eligibility before you confirm their appointment the next day!

Good business means growth!

Nov 19

Accident Medical Insurance Company – Are Claims Being Paid?

Accident insurance is quite popular because nobody really knows what exactly will come about… at work, home or pleasure.

It is wise to take appropriate steps and guard one’s own health against possible risks of accidents. Life is full of surprises but not all of them are pleasant. Some of them can seriously hurt and take lots of money for somebody to get back on the feet. A good accident insurance company would compensate the necessary treatment and rehabilitation if something occurs.

An accident health plan is a traditional way of one’s personal insurance and it covers any type of loss by accidental bodily injury and the medical coverage is provided when accidents take place. An accident is considered as an unpleasant event that happens unexpectedly and results in injury such as car accidents, assaults, burns, etc.

However, there are some reservations stating that there is no eligibility for insurance benefits if the insured is involved in activities that contradict the concept of accidental injuries of unintentional nature, say, if the holder of the insurance policy decides to commit suicide or test a car on a speedway or drink too much alcohol at a party, the person will not be eligible for this type of benefits when there is a need to handle the emergency.

Such exclusions are always stipulated in the terms of health plan policies and one should properly read them before applying. It is important to take time and research.

Nowadays health is given lots of attention by employers and a great deal of them include the insurance as part of their employees’ benefit packages.

Although every person has a different story, it seems prudent to have one or another kind of confidence in the future and accident insurance is one of the ways especially when the insurance market makes it widely available.

You can choose the type of insurance, the list of risks under the policy that you choose, the period of validity of your contract, the amount of compensation, etc. but usually it happens as follows:

In case of an injury that falls under the terms of a particular insurance company, the policyholder visits the appropriate health care provider (doctor) who bills that insurance company with medical claims (official forms). Then the claims get paid and the doctor gets the money for providing the services to the patient.

There is a lot of debate going on about insurance industry and the companies that do not pay, delay claims and so forth… since that is how they do business and make money. It is not improbable that they try to avoid paying but payments will definitely be issued if medical billing specialists know and do their jobs. As a matter of fact endless amounts of money are being paid just because every single claim is followed up until it gets paid.

Billed claims cannot remain unpaid unless nobody takes care of them with why and what is needed to process them and release the checks.

Does it help to get insured? – They say: “Hope for the better but be ready for the worst” but, of course, it is a matter of the choice.

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