Aug 27

Ways to Tell If A Medical Assistant Online School Is Genuine

These days, quality education is attainable with the use of the internet. You can study anywhere and anytime you want, even at the convenience of your own home. Many people are opting to study online because of the convenience and accessibility it gives. With that said, online schooling is one of the booming businesses today.

Online schooling has become a great business opportunity for many legal educators. However, it also attracts fraudsters who masquerades their illegitimate online schooling programs as official schools. Graduating from any of these illegitimate online schooling programs will just be a waste of time and money since you will not be recognized, accepted or become certified because these are not accredited by the Department of Education.

Here are useful ways on how to tell if a Medical Assistant Online School is genuine:

1. Check if the Medical Assistant Online School is included in the database of Accredited Post secondary Institutions and Programs of the Department of Education. For the list of accredited schools and programs, you can visit their website.

2. Check the website of the American Association of Medical Assistants at their website and see if the online school and programs you have selected are eligible to teach medical assistance and proctor CMA Certification Exam, an examination which all graduates of MA must pass before getting certified. The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) and the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) are responsible for the accreditation of the MA programs that are eligible to proctor the CMA Certification Exam by the AAMA.

3. Some obvious signs in detecting a fake MA Online School are:

a. Their only requirement for admission is a valid credit card and they do not care about your G.P.A. and other school records. It only shows that they are only interested in your money!
b. They do not include entrance examinations and interviews as part of their admission procedure.
c. They do not have offices or schools located in the same country or location where they offer the degrees.
d. The list and/or qualifications of their faculty members are not shown.
e. Their quality of syllabus is not up to date.
f. You will receive the degree at a flat fee, unlike normal schools that has varying expenses depending on the educational program and charge per credit for tuition fees.
g. Promises that are too good to be true, like you will be able to receive a diploma within one to three months of program enrollment. Sometimes, you only have to pay for the degree, without the need to have a sufficient number of hours for studying.
h. They offer limited or no contact information such as mailing address or telephone numbers. They might even give a false or non-existent contact details.

Graduating from an illegitimate medical assistant online schooling program might be easy, but it is also worthless! Follow these procedures and you will surely find a genuine medical assistant online schooling program. Always remember that there are no short cuts on quality education. Having a good education is very critical, especially those who are practicing in the medical field because the lives of their patients are in their hands. Accreditation agencies such as the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) and the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) make sure that educational standards are followed.

Aug 14

No Medical Exam Life Insurance – Top Tips For the Would-Be Policyholder

A no medical exam life insurance policy may well be the best type of coverage for you and your family. For instance, if you have been applying for a life policy to no avail, you may consider getting no exam insurance as your last resort. Just make sure that any previous illness you had is not serious or life threatening. Insurance companies will still check medical records and if they find out that you lied about your condition, your insurance could be cancelled. Another situation in which you may need no exam insurance is when you do not want to incur delays in getting insurance approval. But whatever your reason is, this type of policy can address your needs.

No medical exam life insurance policies only require a potential policyholder to answer a questionnaire that asks for his past and existing health condition and lifestyle. You need to be really honest when answering the questions because these will form the basis of whether the insurance company you picked will approve your policy or not. Do not worry if you experienced getting sick in the past. For as long as your health condition or lifestyle does not make you a very risky policyholder, there will be insurance companies that will consider you as eligible for no exam insurance packages.

The average cost of no medical exam life insurance policy can reach around $100,000. Some insurance coverage of this type can even go beyond this figure, especially if the applicant is over 40 years old or has preexisting conditions. Older folks can still apply for a no exam insurance package but they may have to pay higher and their coverage limits may be significantly lower compared to younger policyholders. It must also be pointed out that no exam policies offer one type of coverage, so if you want to get more benefits, you may still be required to undergo a physical exam.

Indeed, if you want to avoid all the hassles of getting insurance coverage, you can always turn to no medical exam life insurance. You will be in a perfect position for this kind of insurance if you are in tiptop health and if you do not practice habits that are proven to be bad for your overall wellbeing. But even without the usual paperwork, you still need to read the fine print in your no exam insurance policy. Just like in standard insurance packages, signing a no exam policy right away without understanding the whole contract can lead to problems later on.

Aug 12

Medical Billing Services Review

Financial strength of a health care provider is directly associated with the timely billing and reimbursement. Medical billing is the process by which health care professionals collect fees from the insurance company for the service provided to the patients. Health care professionals are so busy taking care of their patients; they have no time to worry about their billing. Finding a medical service provider is one of the most important tasks for a health care provider. Billing service providers help them by timely submission of the claims to the insurance company by taking a fee. They relieve the doctors from following up with insurance company, thereby helping them to concentrate more on practicing medicine. Hospitals do not need billing employees anymore. This has reduced the non-clinical staff requirements in the hospital.

For a long time, billing was entirely done on papers. But, paper documentation is a tedious and time consuming process. However, with the advent of software technology, billing has become much easier as medical service providers do electronic claiming. This helps them in fast and accurate claiming. Medical service provider’s duty includes verifying the insurance coverage, determining the eligibility, submitting the claim, following up the claims and contacting the patients and the insurance company to ensure the highest possible reimbursement. Health care providers who used quality medical billing service providers have seen improved performance in multiple dimensions, such as increased and fast collections, decreased denial of insurance and increased staff productivity.

Medical billers not only process the claims but also analyze the patient records to prepare customized report. They also advise the doctor on revised fee structure, new coding and ways to improve the medical practice as a business. Since medical biller’s duties involve complex areas such as bill collection, release of patient information and patient confidentiality, extreme care should be practiced while handling this area of billing service. A good sense of responsibility and consciousness of patient confidentiality is very essential for a medical biller.

A medical biller is expected to know good keyboarding, medical office procedures, medical insurance, medical terminologies, health care law and ethics and basic coding.

So, in a nutshell, medical billing service comes into picture each time a patient visits a health care provider. After each patient visits, medical biller reviews the bill attached to the patient’s record to establish which service was provided. Next, they check the insurance coverage and produce a customized invoice to the insurance company for the reimbursement. Medical billing service comes in handy to run a successful medical practice in a convenient way.

Aug 11

The Eligibilities for PPI in an Elaborate Way

Well, if we go through the items that are often mis-sold to the consumers with a pseudo label of safety, then obviously PPI would be one of the prominent ones. So what are the eligible conditions actually? If everyone is aware about these eligibility criteria then certainly there would not be this much confusion and complaint about Payment Protection Insurance. And here we are to provide a checklist of questions that you need to ask yourself before enrolling your name for PPI. Of course, nothing can be done in a situation when it is mis-sold but for sure you can educate yourself to some extent to face the after effects of mis-sold Payment Protection Covers. Educating in the sense, you need to have a clear idea about the eligibility factors of PPI which may prevent you from falling into the trap and being aware about the available remedies and steps to be taken in case it is mis-sold.

However, the main motto of PPI was to clear up the debts in the event of any unexpected accidents, short and long term illness and unemployment. There are many instances where borrowers are pushed to buy a payment protection cover because of the pressure given by the insurance officials. If you are also one among them holding a Payment protection insurance and feel like you have been mis-sold then check it out whether you are able to find satisfactory answers for the questions given below:

You are not eligible to enroll for Payment Protection Insurance if you are,

  • Unemployed
  • Self-employed
  • Employed part-time
  • A student

There are certain circumstances where you need to be very careful about. One of the common reasons why large numbers of people become the victims of PPI scandals is due to their acceptance towards the compulsion of insurance professionals. So you should be able to refuse strongly if you don’t need it really. Below given are the most common techniques employed in mis-selling of PPI.

  • Adding PPI as a compulsory additive along with bank loans without the knowledge of the consumers.
  • Creating an impression in minds of people that taking PPI is unavoidable.
  • Forcing them to register without enquiring about the client’s medical records.

Statistical reports say that up to 95% of all PPI policies have been mis-sold. It is estimated that the potential compensation could exceed £30 Billion to customers. Nearly all UK Loan and Credit Card Companies have been fined for this issue.

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